About Us

What is GetNets2?

GetNets2 stands for unique state-of-the-art technology helping your profit to skyrocket. In GetNets2, we take better care of our affiliates, making sure that all the needs and requests are met.


For our Advertisers

Qualified Leads. On Demand. At Scale.

Delivering high-quality traffic that will help advertisers reach their goals is one of our main missions. In order for that to be accomplished, we offer security and protection by employing only the highest security standards for data protection purposes, therefore decreasing the risk of it ever being compromised in any way, shape, or form.

It’s also important to know that one of our professional account managers will always be around to guide you in your journey to accomplish your traffic-related goals. Your business requirements will always be satisfied with the help of an expert manager. We are able to provide high conversion rates by using hand-picked traffic sources to make sure that your sales agents are always on top of the situation, no matter the time or place.

For our Publishers

Brokers with High Conversion Rates

With us, the power is brought back into the hands of the affiliates through methods like smart allocations. By using this, we can send traffic to the most suitable broker so you can get the maximum out of it. Thanks to our advanced and powerful tools (like the analytics reports and dashboard) you can track your entire performance and obtain useful real-time insights.

We are also able to monetize the traffic you bring at a massive scale and make the most out of it so you can evolve. In short, anything that you can think of, we provide. From payments to technology, we will allow you always stay connected for the best results possible. Finally, we can uncover new and innovative pathways to help you expand your horizons and gain more benefits by bringing in new advertisers.

If you want to get the full picture of our capabilities and find out more details about what we do, you can always contact us.

“Our dedicated support agents work 24/7 to make sure you get all the instruments you need to scale up: from stylish landing pages to seamless credit card processing tech.”
GetNets2 Team